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Franklin I. Moses (1804-1877)
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Chief Justice F. J. Moses (1804–1877)
Dowling, Charleston, S.C., 1900
Collection of The New York Historical Society

Franklin I. Moses, Sr., son of Esther Philips and Myer Moses II, served for 20 years before the Civil War as a distinguished lawyer and state senator from Sumter. His son, Franklin J. Moses, Jr., was a loyal Confederate during the conflict, but after the South’s defeat he drifted rapidly into the Republican camp. From 1872 to 1874, during the period white South Carolinians dubbed “Black Rule,” Franklin, Jr., served as governor of the state, and his father served as chief justice of the state supreme court. While Governor Moses was reviled as a traitor to the South, denounced for corruption, drug addiction, and consorting with blacks, his father maintained his reputation as an honest and competent jurist.

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