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Simon Reuben Krijn
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Simon Reuben Krijn (b. Philadelphia, d. Amsterdam, Holland)
Artist unknown
Probably Amsterdam, Holland, ca. 1818
Miniature [reproduction]
Photo from the collection of H. A. Alexander, Jr.
Private collection

I have sent you my minature, I hope that you will wear it with as much pleaseur as I doo wereing your hiar [hair] which you sent me,” wrote Reuben Simon Krijn in 1818 from Amsterdam to his half-sister Sarah Judith Judah Joseph in South Carolina. Krijn had been born in Philadelphia and moved to Holland as a young man. His letter to Sarah expressed both his wish to see her again and a litany of obligations that kept him from doing so. In his absence, he conveys his affection and longing in the gift of a miniature. “I was quite anxious to send one for my other 2 dear sisters but the limner asks such an extravagant price that I could not think of giving it, you must be satisfied with this untill I can get 2 more . . . .

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