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Caroline 'Caro' Agnes Moïse Lopez (1854-1885)
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Caroline “Caro” Agnes Moïse Lopez
(Mrs. J. L. Lopez) (1854–1885)

Theodore Sidney Moïse (1808–1885)
United States, February 1876
Oil on canvas
Private collection
In the Victorian language of flowers, the pansy at the elbow of Caroline Agnes Moïse Lopez symbolizes fond memory, an apt sentiment for the beloved granddaughter of Charleston-born painter Theodore Sidney Moïse. Caro, as Caroline was affectionately called, posed with feathered hat and fine parasol for this stylish portrait painted by her grandfather while she was visiting him in Louisiana.

In 1882, Caroline Moïse married Julian Lee Lopez, son of David Lopez, builder of the second sanctuary for Beth Elohim. She died three years later, possibly in childbirth. Her surviving daughter, Theodora Sidney Lopez, born in the first year of her marriage, was reared by the infant’s grandmother and namesake, Theodora Sidney Moïse.
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