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A Portion of the People
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Photograph of present and past elected officials before the South Carolina State House
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South Carolina State House, Columbia, S.C.
Left to right: Joel Lourie (House 1998–2004, Senate 2005–present), Isadore E. Lourie (House 1965–72, Senate 1973–93), Hyman Rubin (Columbia City Council and Mayor Pro Tem 1952–66, Senate 1966–84), Sylvia Dreyfus (House 1976–78), David Taub (mayor of Beaufort, 1990–99), Irene Krugman Rudnick (House 1973–78, 1981–84, 1987–93), Arnold Goldstein (House 1970–74, Senate 1975–80), Richard Moses (mayor of Sumter, 1972–76), Harriet Keyserling (House, 1976–92), William Keyserling (House 1993–96), Leonard Krawcheck (House 1967–70).
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