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Col. Edwin Warren Moïse (1832–1903), Adjutant and Inspector General
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Col. Edwin Warren Moïse (1832–1903), Adjutant and Inspector General
From a composite photo of Wade Hampton and his cabinet
Columbia, S.C.: W.P. Hix, 1877
Private collection

Redeemer Edwin Warren Moïse epitomizes the fierce allegiance Jewish South Carolinians felt for the Confederacy. Born in Charleston in 1832, he was brought up in Beth Elohim, where his father Abraham was a leader in the reform movement.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Moïse raised a company of cavalry, the Moïse Rangers. After the Confederate surrender he settled in Sumter and built a law practice. An ardent supporter of Wade Hampton and a commander of the Red Shirts—an armed militia opposed to Republican Reconstruction—he was elected adjutant general of the state in the riotous 1876 election. To this day family members revere Moïse and refer to him as “The General.”

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