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Notebook of Rabbi Hirsch Zvi (Margolis) Levine (1807-1887)
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Notebook of Rabbi Hirsch Zvi (Margolis) Levine

Charleston, S.C., 1852
Paper and ink
Private collection

In this small book Rabbi Hirsch Levine recorded the English and Hebrew names of 26 members of a congregation later charted as Berith Shalome, and listed the amounts, ranging from 12 cents to $1.50, that each man donated at the reading of the Torah. Earlier passages in the book, probably written before Rabbi Levine arrived in South Carolina, include notes for sermons and eulogies; instructions for a shohet on how to slaughter animals in the kosher manner; blessings for those called to the Torah; and procedures for delivering a bill of divorce. The pages illustrated here explain how to perform a halizah, which excuses a childless widow from the obligation of marrying her husband’s brother.

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