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Israel Solomons (1847-1854)
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Israel Solomons (1847–1854)
Artist unknown
ca. 1850
Oil on canvas
Private collection

This young boy was the grandson of Isaiah and Rebecca Moses on his mother’s side, and Eleanor and Israel Solomons on his father’s. The fourth child born to Cecilia Moses Solomons and the first to live past infancy, seven-year-old Israel was staying with Rebecca and Isaiah in Charleston when he contracted yellow fever. His father, Abraham Alexander Solomons, was Savannah’s leading pharmacist. Delayed in leaving for Charleston, he did not reach his son in time.

“My father reached his boy, who he idolized,” reported Israel’s sister Rebecca Ella Solomons Alexander, “to find him dead! In all my life I never heard my father call his name and my mother said that even to her he could not speak of his loss which would have comforted her very much.”

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