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Wedding dress and trousseau trunk of Rebecca Winstock Rosenberg, ca. 1885
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Wedding dress of Rebecca Winstock Rosenberg

South Carolina, 1885
Silk and cotton
Private collection

Trousseau trunk of Rebecca Winstock Rosenberg
Late 19th century
Wood, metal, and paper
Private collection

At age 15, Rebecca Winstock met Abraham Rosenberg, a newcomer from Poland who came to nearby Abbeville to work in a cousin’s store. In the fall of 1884, Abraham opened Rosenberg’s Mercantile in Greenwood, became a U.S. citizen, and asked for Rebecca’s hand in marriage. The wedding took place in Charleston, where her family had moved. Her father, Moses Winstock, served two terms as president of Brith Sholom, the Orthodox congregation started by his brother-in-law, Rabbi Hirsch Zvi Levine.

“The gown of slipper satin is made with a front-buttoned bodice, long-pointed sleeves and a train. The bodice is worn over a long pleated skirt with a bustle back. The kid shoes which Mrs Rosenberg wore on her wedding day had blunt toes and small square heels.”

—from the Greenwood Index-Journal, 1885

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