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Brass platter, wimpel, Pollitzer kiddush cup
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Circular tray with Garden of Eden design
ca. 1810–1830
Private collection

Undyed cotton and paint
Gift of Mordenai Raisin Hirsch and Rachel M. Hirsch
Jewish Heritage Collection
College of Charleston Library

Kiddush cup
Inscribed: “To Emil Pollitzer from his sponsors,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Greenhood”
United States, mid-19th century
Private collection

These three objects all have to do with the Jewish ritual of brit milah, or circumcision.

The brass tray was used in the circumcision ceremony of Lipman Rich, son of Rosa and Philip Rich, in Orangeburg, South Carolina, in 1894.

This wimpel—a Torah binder made from the swaddling cloth that wraps an infant boy during his circumcision—is hand painted with decorative Hebrew script, commemorating the birth of “Moses, the son of Jacob . . .  born with good fortune . . .  in the year 5609 [1849].”

The kiddush cup was given to Emil Pollitzer at his brit milah, ca. 1850, from “his sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. H. Greenhood.”

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