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Getta Silberman (1837-1886), ca. 1857
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Getta Silberman
(Mrs. James J. Klein) (1837–1886)

ca. 1857
Photograph framed in union case
Private collection

Getta Silberman was J. J. Klein’s second wife. She probably hailed from the Ukraine. In 1856, Klein had divorced his first spouse, Caroline, who was not Jewish. (South Carolina did not permit divorce, so Klein traveled to La Porte, Indiana, to obtain it.) Upon moving to Walterboro from upstate New York, his new bride changed her name to Caroline Getta Klein. Her parents were so well-to-do, according to Klein family lore, they could set a table for two hundred without borrowing anything. Klein may have met Getta through a matchmaker; one family member calls her a “mail-order bride.” Getta’s father’s name is on a plaque commemorating the founders of the Reform temple in Syracuse, New York. She died of cancer at age 49.

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