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Diary of Eleanor H. Cohen, 1865-1866
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Diary of Eleanor H. Cohen
Columbia, Richmond, Charleston, 1865–1866

Pencil or ink on paper [reproduction]
Private collection

Excerpts from Eleanor Cohen’s diary, Columbia, South Carolina

April 30, 1865:

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in the Washington theatre by a man who exclaimed, “Death to traitors; Virginia is avenged!” So our worst enemy is laid low, and Seward, the arch fiend, was also stabbed, and today we hear the glorious tidings that the Yankee Congress had a row, and Andy Johnson was killed. God grant so may all our foes perish! I had a short letter today from Mr. S., but it told me he was well, and loved me; so I am happy.

June 2, 1865:
Slavery is done away with. Our noble Jeff Davis, as well as all of our great men, are prisoners; even the governors of the several states have been arrested. Confederate money is worthless, and greenbacks rule the day. Columbia and all the principal cities are garrisoned by Yankees. How it makes my Southern blood boil to see them in our streets! Yes, we are again in the hated Union, and over us again floats the banner that is now a sign of tyranny and oppression. . .  My brothers are all home after fearful deprivations and hardships. Thank God, they are spared. Poor Josh Moses, the flower of our circle, was killed at Blakely [Alabama, April, 1865]. He was a noble man, another martyr to our glorious cause.

June 23, 1865:
I, who believe in the institution of slavery, regret deeply its being abolished. I am accustomed to have them wait on me, and I dislike white servants very much.

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