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'Trolley Bag' of Henrietta Block, ca. 1910-1920
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“Trolley Bag” of Henrietta Block
(Mrs. Lipman Philip Rich) (1897–1985)

United States, ca. 1910–1920
Private collection
Henrietta Block’s “trolley bag,” so-called because the inside is fitted for coins, calling cards, and face-powder, and has a hidden compartment for a photograph, is an exceptionally fine American piece. Made by the International Silver Company, it features an old-style pinned construction, a “brite-cut,” hand-executed art deco design, a gold-washed interior, unusual sloping sides, and a hand-made chain. The monogram on front and back reads “HB”—evidence that the bag belonged to Henrietta Block before her marriage to Lipman Philip Rich.

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